My Favorite Coloring Supplies

Note: As an Amazon affiliate, I might make a small commission on any qualified purchases. This will not affect your order or ability to return anything you don't like.

Ohuhu Alcohol Markers

Ohuhu alcohol markers are definitely my favorite medium to color with, mostly because they have a "brush" tip on one end that works great for coloring larger areas and for smaller details.

Soucolor Glitter Gel Pens

Not gonna lie… I’m semi-obsessed with glitter gel pens. It’s more of an in-person experience (especially if you have the right lighting) — just something about seeing the colors shimmer while coloring in a page is super satisfying.

I used the first brand ever recommended to me by another colorist and I’ve never looked for another… because I absolutely love these.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Prisma colored pencils are considered a professional-level medium and seem to be a favorite amongst coloring book colorists. The moment I tried them, I could tell why. For starters, they are exceptionally good for blending!

The softer core is what helps with that! Plus, they are very vibrant, which I love! I personally started with a smaller set like this one on Amazon, but it didn’t take me long to get the bigger set… only because I prefer a larger selection of colors.

Bianyo Alcohol Markers

These are the first alcohol markers I've ever tried (besides sharpies) and I have zero regrets. They color great and they're on the less expensive side (compared to some other brands that can be upwards of $50-$100+ for the same amount of markers).